Enforcement Proceeding Support

Our lawyers provide enforcement proceedings support while interacting with private judicial executors in the cities of Astana and Almaty. With this collaboration, we accomplish a 100% enforcement of court judgments.

Over the entire period, a total of 2 500 000 million dollars of debts have been fully enforced and collected.

We achieve good enforcement results through a detailed study of all of the debtor's property and his/her activities. During execution, we:

Cost of enforcement proceedings support services depends on the complexity and the volume of required services; however, the approximate rates are as follows:

Sum of recovery from 3 000 000 tenge to 5 000 000 tenge - 20% of the amount

Sum of recovery from 5,000,001 tenge to 15 000 000 tenge - 15% of the amount

Sum of recovery from 15,000,001 tenge or more - 10% of the amount