Contract Management

Contracts management on performance of obligations by Counterparties (Debtors) of the Client is a full range of services that provide you with the opportunity to be free from having to remember each contract and to monitor proper performance of obligations by the other party.

This service is applicable to virtually any contract, but is more relevant in case of goods sale by installments, as installment sale contracts first of all require adequate verification of the Counterparty’s financial standing, and continuous monitoring of the timeliness of payments.

Our lawyers will follow-up the contract, from the time of collection of documents, until full execution and closing of the Contract.

These services include:

You may use this service even after the Contract has already been signed.

Cost of the above services shall depend on the Contract value:

Under 1 500 000 tenge - 20% of the total Contract value

From 1,500,001 tenge to 3 000 000 tenge - 10% of the total Contract value

From 3,000,001 tenge to 5 000 000 tenge - 7% of the total Contract value

From 5,000,001 tenge to 7 000 000 tenge - 5% of the total Contract value

From 7,000,001 tenge to 15 000 000 tenge - 3% of the total Contract value

From 15 000 000 tenge and above - 1% of the total Contract value

The above rates are tentative and, in each case, the cost is determined depending on the specifics of the Contract and the volume of services required by the Client.

Payment terms: 100% advanced payment.