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Law Firm Alatheya is a kazakhstany company established in 2011.Alatheya lawyers have extensive experience in various areas of law, are multilingual and have been educated at leading universities of Kazakhstan, Russia and USA.

Confidentiality, fairness and innovative approach to client’s needs are core principles of company's work.

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Debt Redemption

We must admit that currently there are very few companies that can afford to sell goods, provide services or perform work for 100% prepayment only. In a competitive environment, every company should be able to be flexible with regard to their potential customers, including in terms of payment, which, in turn, leads to the formation of loans receivable


Contract Management

Contracts management on performance of obligations by Counterparties (Debtors) of the Client is a full range of services that provide you with the opportunity to be free from having to remember each contract and to monitor proper performance of obligations by the other party.


Enforcement Proceeding Support

Our lawyers provide enforcement proceedings support while interacting with private judicial executors in the cities of Astana and Almaty. With this collaboration, we accomplish a 100% enforcement of court judgments.